July 7, 2017

NEW Colour Intense Cream lipsticks

NEW Colour Intense Cream lipsticks

Introducing the latest trio in our Colour Intense Cream Lipstick line, all featuring subtle warm undertones and coral-based hues for captivating and confident colour.  Deeply luxurious and immensely moisturising, Colour Intense Lipstick envelop lips in a creamy and comfortable, Vitamin E enriched formula that delivers strong and powerful pigments to your lips.

Which new shade are you?

Flirt: Fresh yet soft, with a slight hint of coral, this true-nude is an easy one for simple yet chic day-to-day wear.

Foxy: Perfect for anyone sporting a summer glow )real or faux), this soft, peachy hue adds a playful pop to the lips.

Floozy: A bold and brave, classic read with gentle warm undertones that seduces on application.  A great choice for adding a little sass to your everyday or amping up a glamourous night-time look.




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