creating the perfect party look

Discover the perfect products for creating beautifully glamourous party make-up. With our six easy steps you’ll be able to create a staple party style that will have all heads turning during any special occasion.


using a liquid illuminator

For a healthy ‘all over glow’, apply 1- 2 pumps of Pure Light Liquid Radiance all over the face to clean skin, or on top of foundation primer or for a more intense highlight, perfect for a night out, apply over foundation to the high points of the face, including the cheekbones, temples and brow bones.

Pure Light

Pure Light

Pure Light Liquid Radiance


Shade: Halo

adding a touch of colour

Apply Colour Blush Compact Powder Blusher in Dusk, the ideal shade for adding colour to the cheeks. Use the delilah Blusher Brush for the perfect application. For a healthy glow, apply to the apples of the cheek and blend backwards towards the top of the ear. For a more sculpted look, apply along the top of the cheekbone and into the temple.

Colour Blush - Dusk

Colour Blush - Dusk

Compact powder blusher


Shade: Dusk

apply a neutral shade

Apply a neutral shade to balance out your overall look. Use the delilah Eyeshadow Brush to apply Colour Intense Compact Eyeshadow in Biscuit to the eye lid, from the lash line to the socket line. Carefully blend and soften with the brush. To add more definition, use the delilah Eye Definer Brush to apply a darker colour along the lash line and a little into the socket. To finish, blend again using the delilah Eyeshadow Brush.

Colour Intense-Biscuit

Colour Intense-Biscuit

Compact Eye Shadow -


Shade: Biscuit

line the eyes

For perfectly precise lines, use the delilah Small Liner brush. Dip the tip of the brush into the pot, covering both sides of the brush head. Apply carefully to the lash line and work as quickly as possible before the product dries. For a more dramatic look, apply inside the waterline.

Gel Line - Ebony

Gel Line - Ebony

Gel Eye Liner


Shade: Ebony

define the brows

Apply across the eyebrows in the direction of your brow’s natural growth, sweeping upwards with the tip of the brush to create hair like strokes in the areas where the brow is sparser.

Brow Shape

Brow Shape

Brow Shape Defining Brow Gel


Select shade:

add the finishing touch

For a professional finish, always use the delilah Lip Brush. Apply a little Colour Intense lipstick to the upper and lower lips, press and roll the lips together for even coverage and finish by tracing around the lip line, or just apply directly onto the lips.

Colour Intense-Floozy

Colour Intense-Floozy

Cream Lipstick


Shade: Floozy