PCR Plastic: Sustainable Packaging for the Future


Here at delilah, our dedication to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet means we are constantly striving to do less harm.  As a brand, we have an ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We are passionately proactive, and we are always looking for ways to progress. Sourcing sustainable packaging materials has been a priority and we’re proud to announce that we are one of the pioneers in the beauty space, embracing the use of PCR plastic in our beautiful packaging and recognising its significance for environmental sustainability.

Leading the Way

The beauty industry is often criticised for its reliance on single-use plastic. We understand the importance and responsibility we have when it comes to reducing our impact. Our commitment to sustainability led us to take the lead, and we introduced the use of PCR plastic in our packaging in 2023, giving recycled plastic a new lease of life and reducing plastic waste*. Leading the way and setting an example to the industry is essential in helping us to achieve our aim of proving that beauty and sustainability can coexist seamlessly.

What is PCR Plastic?

Choosing to use plastic can be positive! From an environmental perspective, PCR plastic is a game-changer.  It is derived from post-consumer waste, such as recycled water bottles and containers. It has a central role in mitigating environmental harm while maintaining product quality and aesthetics making it a win-win choice for both brands and the environment. By choosing to use PCR and reuse existing materials, we reduce the demand for virgin plastic production.  This in turn minimises the ecological footprint associated with plastic waste and as a circular material it can be safely recycled multiple times. This shift towards PCR is pivotal in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving resources.

Overcoming Challenges: Why More Brands Aren't Adopting PCR

Despite the clear benefits of PCR plastic, many beauty brands have been slow to adopt this environmentally friendly option. The reluctance stems from several factors, including the initial investment required to reconfigure manufacturing processes and source recycled materials. Concerns about the quality and appearance of PCR plastic have also played a role especially in an industry where aesthetics are so key. However, with ongoing technological advancements, these concerns are becoming less relevant. We are thrilled with the progress we have made, and we think you’ll agree that our packaging looks and feels as beautiful as it always has done.

Charting the Path Forward

While we take pride in being among the first brands to embrace PCR plastic in our beauty packaging, there's still much progress to be made. As an independent brand we will continue to look for improvements and increase the volume of sustainable materials we are using across our range, but the beauty industry as a whole must shift towards sustainable packaging practices for substantial change to take place, and consumer awareness and demand for eco-friendly choices plays a crucial role.

At delilah, we are committed to leading this transformation, demonstrating that beautiful packaging can also be environmentally friendly. We encourage you to support brands that prioritise sustainable packaging and join us in building a more sustainable future for the beauty industry and the planet. Together with industry-wide support for sustainable practices, we can drive positive change and ensure a greener, more sustainable future for beauty and the planet.


*We currently use PCR plastic in the Wake Up family of products as follows:

  • Wake Up Radiant Skin Tint (70%)

  • Lip Saviour Colour Enhancing Lip Oil (50%)

  • Wake Up Radiant and Hydrating Skin and Makeup Mist (50%)


We will always be looking to decrease our environmental impact and improving the sustainability of our products and packaging.  We will continue to update our packaging, switching to the use of more PCR plastic across our range.  The next products to switch to PCR in 2024 will be Under Wear Future Resist Skin Primer and In Bloom Radiant Liquid Blush.