One swift scroll on social media is enough to see that no-makeup makeup, ‘skinimalism’, or the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic, has captured our hearts all over again.


At delilah, we’re always watching trends come and go, but this look is never far from our trusty makeup arsenal. Recreating this look yourself is all about using fewer, quality products in fine layers. Here are our top tips on how to master this makeup:

Skinimalism Starts With Skincare

Your skin is your canvas, and you need to take care of your face for it to look - and feel - healthy. That means understanding your skin’s needs and selecting products that support its health inside, and out. 

That said, there are ways you can prep your skin to create the illusion of a natural glow. Start by applying serum, then a water-based moisturiser. Leave to absorb for about five minutes, until your skin looks dewy and hydrated. 


Primer, Always

This is an essential step for creating a smooth texture and a blurred effect over your skin. Primer softens the appearance of pores, fine lines and pigmentation, leaving you with a flawless base. Use one or two pumps and start in the middle of your face, blending outwards to ensure even coverage. 


Choose A Dewy Foundation

We’d recommend Time Frame Future Resist Foundation for this step. It has a light-to-medium coverage and a dewy, radiant finish. Dab one pump of foundation onto the back of your hand, and swirl over a dense brush (like this one), until it’s picked up all the pigment. Then dab the brush over your face in a clockwise direction, before buffing the foundation into your skin. If you need a little bit more coverage in darker areas, don’t be afraid to dot small amounts of concealer, then buff into skin. 


The ‘Wet’ Phase

Now the clever part. Whilst your foundation is still wet, it’s time to add some fine layers. Start by dabbing a tiny amount of Pure Light Liquid Illuminator onto the apple of your cheeks, the centre of your forehead and the tip of your chin. Blend into your foundation whilst it’s drying, for a natural glow.

Next, stipple a very small amount of In Bloom Radiant Liquid Blush over your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. This gives your face a gentle flush that looks natural and healthy, and builds up those layers whilst ensuring your skin still looks like skin. 


Bronzed Beauty

For any areas of your skin that still look shiny, our top tip is to sweep over matte bronzer using a blusher brush. For extra definition around your eyes, dust any remaining bronzer over your eyelids and beneath the lower lash line. 


Brush Your Brows And Lashes

The brows are a distinctive feature in any clean makeup look. Brush them upwards and outwards using Brow Shape to keep them looking full and fluffy. 

For your lashes, choosing a mascara that doesn’t clump is key. We recommend Definitive Volumising & Defining Mascara, to separate and define each lash. Don’t forget to give your lower lashes a coat too, for that wide-awake look. 


Perfectly Pink

After building your light layers, it’s time for the finishing touch. Complete your clean look with a nude or pale pink gloss, dabbing it into the middle of your lips and pressing them together for a natural sheen.