How does your makeup look at 3 o’clock?

Faded? Fighting against oil breakthrough? Dry as a decidedly non-English summer? If it’s still perfectly in place, then you’re certainly doing something right! But for many of us, the mid-afternoon lull matches how our makeup is holding up.

Touching up your foundation is one solution for shiny noses, but at delilah we know that adding more layers isn’t how the pro’s handle it. After a glowing career as a professional makeup artist, our co-founder Rupert Kingston has some enlightening advice on how to make your makeup last all day long.

“Getting your makeup to say in place starts with the right skincare”, Rupert explains, “if your skin is too dry, then it will literally ‘drink’ the makeup from your face.” But if your skin is too oily from an overly thick moisturiser, then the pigment will just slide down your face instead. Matching your products to the specific needs of your skin is the best place to start. 

The next step is primer. This essential layer separates your skincare from your makeup, evening the surface of your skin and holding makeup in place.

Under Wear 
Future Resist Foundation Primer £36

Any foundation layered on after this should be applied with a brush, which does help your makeup stay in place longer. “When you apply with fingers, the application is usually quite uneven”, Rupert tells us. “Where you haven’t applied enough, the foundation will just absorb into the skin and where there’s too much, it will leave you with tide marks”. The real secret is to apply a few products lightly rather than just one heavy layer. 

Rupert is also an advocate of using powder to increase the staying power of your perfectly applied layers. “Don’t be afraid of loose powder, but do apply it correctly!”, he advises. Powders have come a long way, and no longer leave a chalky layer on your skin. Our Pure Touch Loose Powder, for instance, is micro-milled for a super silky finish. For the best results, apply with our Large Powder Brush to gently roll, then buff the powder onto skin.

The Perfect Powder Duo
Pure Touch Micro Fine Powder & Large Powder Brush £48


If you find that your eyeliner moves south during the day too, then switch to waterproof or long-wear formulas. “Make sure you’re wearing a concealer that sets on the skin, like Take Cover Radiant Cream Concealer”, says Rupert, “and try to avoid anything too oily in the under-eye area, including eye cream”Hair conditioner is also a sneaky culprit for dislodging eyeliner or mascara. It contains anti-static agents - with even the smallest amount able to repel mascara from your lashes.

Take Cover
Radiant Cream Concealer £23


For the lips, Rupert recommends our Colour Intense Liquid Lipsticks, which go on and stay on, or  Colour Intense Lipsticks for something a little less matte - but make sure to apply with a lip brush whatever formula you choose.

Elizabeth Taylor once said you have to ‘learn’ to wear lipstick, and there’s something to be said for being conscious of the makeup you’ve applied. “Try not to rub your eyes, or run your hand over your forehead”, Rupert advises, “it does take a little practice”. His final words of wisdom? Stop touching your face!