Bad Habit 1: Buying too much

Many of us are guilty of being enticed like a magpie, by the latest trend or beautiful shiny packaging. Only to find that the lipstick is the wrong shade and gets abandoned at the bottom of a drawer.

At delilah we care about sustainability. From our iconic cardboard packaging to the hand-crafted wooden handles of our vegan make-up brushes, delilah carries the FSC* “tick tree” logo with pride. It means all our products are made with materials from well-managed forests, as well as recycled sources, helping to ensure our woodlands are alive for generations to come.

Packaging and ingredients are very important, but we believe it’s about more than that. Considered and informed purchasing is key, to make sure you are investing in the right products for you. Products that are Easy to Love, and that you love so much, you finish every last drop!

How to break the habit

Make up hauls are no longer cool! Pick the right products for you, and learn how to use them, to get the most out of them. Multi-use products – it’s smart to go for products that can be used a number of different ways to prevent waste.

delilah Colour Intense Cream Lipstick in Floozy £24.00 



You can get a multitude of looks out of one lipstick, simply by tweaking the way you apply 
  • Patted on with your finger to build colour gradually for a more subtle, blurred natural look. Great if you’re venturing inti red for the first time!
  • Straight from the bullet for a strong colour pay off
  • With a lip brush for a more polished, party ready style

delilah Gel Line Eye & Brow £20.00



Gel Line is adored by professional make-up artists world-wide, for creating perfect lines and precision flicks This hardworking little pot of magic can be used three ways!

  • As a precision gel liner
  • It can be applied as an eyeshadow base. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to create the ultimate long-wearing smokey eye that will last.
  • Use as a brow pomade for long wear brows. Apply using a flat angled brush to create hair like strokes to give a naturally fuller look to sparse brows.

Bad Habit 2: Keeping make up too long

Once open, make-up doesn’t have an everlasting shelf life, and keeping it too long can mean a build-up of bacteria.

How to break the habit

You only have one face so it’s even more reason to be considered when selecting your make-up, so you don’t end up throwing your precious purchases away. Make sure you know how long you should keep products for once they are open and throw them away after the recommended time.


Bad Habit 3: Using dirty brushes

Brushes can go weeks or even months, without any love. Not only does this lead to a bacterial build-up, which is not good for your skin, but it also affects the application of your make-up. For a truly professional finish, it’s important to use clean make-up brushes.

How to break the habit

Aim to wash your make-up brushes weekly and why not make it a treat for your face. Habit stacking is a way of adding in an activity to your existing routine. Think about linking your weekly brush cleaning with a masking session, so while you work on your brushes, your skincare can work on your face. Your skin will thank you!

Tips for cleaning brushes
To make the task easier, invest in a spray cleaner.

Invest in a brush cleaner that  has been expertly formulated to clean, sanitise and preserve make up brushes and can be used for both natural hair and synthetic fibre brushes.