All makeup artists have their own tips and tricks to perfect an enticing eye.


At delilah, we have a few simple steps to help anyone looking to up their eyeshadow game. Whether you’re after an everyday look or in need of a little drama, here’s our guide on how to blend like a pro.

Step 1: It’s all About the Base


Our eyelids are made up of fine lines and indentations. This texture makes blending tricky, so we recommend smoothing our Take Cover Radiant Cream Concealer underneath the brow, across the lid, and around the inner corner. Not only will this help your eyeshadow last longer (it won’t slide off!), but argan and sunflower seed oils will keep skin nourished and hydrated.

Step 2: Neutral to Begin


Before we talk about colour, let’s touch on brushes. Whether you’ve chosen a pigment-rich compact powder palette, like Colour Intense, or you’re using super smooth shadow sticks from our Stay The Night Collection, brushes are there to help you blend a subtle, soft gradient. 

Did you know how you hold the brush can make a huge impact? Gripping close to the bristles will give you firm control, which can cause patchiness. Try holding the brush towards the end; this will relax your touch and result in a gorgeous airbrushed effect.  

Now for the eyeshadow! No matter what look you desire, the first layer is usually a neutral shade. We recommend using an Eyeshadow Precision Brush to sweep a light colour across the lid. For seamless blending, always buff using small circular movements.

Step 3: Define the Crease


If you’re looking for a smokier look, switch to a medium shade and add a touch of definition. Our Stay The Night Collection has three perfectly partnered shades. Pink Champagne makes for a lovely neutral and Cinnamon Swirl is a beautiful, slightly darker pigment. Whilst the shadow sticks glide along the lid easily, if choosing to blend – now’s the time to grab a brush! Our Eye Definer Precision Brush is perfect for this, as the shape was designed to pick up and push eyeshadow exactly where you need it. 

Defining the crease is a simple and effective method to make eyes appear bigger. Close your eyes and apply eyeshadow where your lid meets your brow bone. If you have hooded eyelids, keep eyes open to see where the colour will be noticeable (probably just above the lid). If using an eyeshadow palette, make sure to dab excess powder off the brush first, and keep your touch soft to avoid a hard line.

Step 4: Add Oomph to your Outer Corner


Fancy a little more drama? Here’s where darker shades take centre stage. Define your eye shape further by sweeping shadow along the root of the lash line, creating a V with the outer crease. Be gentle – adding colour is fun, starting over isn’t!

Step 5: Blend and Highlight


Time to perfect your look. Take a brush (the Eyeshadow Precision Brush works here) and blend, blend, blend. Combine the different shades across the lid, crease, and outer V into a seamless gradient. 

Finally, a pop of light colour around the inner corner, or a sweep of highlight under the brow, will brighten up tired eyes. You might want to brush a darker shade across the upper and lower lash, in place of eyeliner.