It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and shake off our winter layers

That’s right, spring is well and truly here. But with warmer weather and (we can only hope!) less rain, our makeup bags need a refresh so we’re ready for all the wonderful outdoor events ahead. 

Winter can be tough on our complexions, with the lack of light and cold temperatures making them dry and dull. If you’re still trying to shake off your winter skin, we have some top tips on how to recover your glow. From a brush of bronzer to a pop of blush, here’s how the delilah experts do it:

Bronze and glow


Bronzer isn’t just for holidays; it’s the perfect companion for a healthy complexion, whatever the weather. When using bronzer, the main thing to keep in mind is that a light touch leads to a sunkissed glow. Applying a large amount, pressing the product too hard into your skin or starting at the middle of your forehead can lead to a harsh or streaky look. Our creative director and co-founder Rupert has the secret for perfect application: bronze from the back. That means starting close to your hairline, then coming down the face, making sure to work from the back forwards, with a light touch. 


At delilah, we’re partial to highlight too - our Pure Light Liquid Radiance illuminator is award-winning, after all! A couple of drops of this formula, mixed with your usual foundation, is our favourite way to get a natural glow. 


Blusher is back


Blusher can bring a flush of colour to your cheeks, instantly lifting the complexion and making skin look youthful and healthy. Blusher has come back into fashion this season, with plenty of women using it all over the cheeks, eyelids and even lips to create a flushed look.


But for something more wearable, we recommend gently patting a dab of blusher onto the bony part of your cheek, then blending backwards and up. Our new In Bloom Radiant Liquid Blush is perfect for this, as its liquid formula glides effortlessly onto the skin. Long-lasting and fortified with radish roots and flowers for probiotic protection, this blush also cares for your skin whilst you wear it. Our In Bloom Radiant Liquid Blush comes in two shades - the dusky pink Peony for warmer complexions, and Sweet Pea for a fresh, cool pink. 


Pucker up


Lipstick is unmatched in its transformative powers for your face. Spring calls for switching out your rich burgundy shades for something lighter and brighter. Blush pink, coral and nude tints warm up your complexion and provide a pop of colour to a fresh, natural look. Our favourites are the Colour Intense Cream Lipsticks in Grace, Foxy and Hush - they’re sure to put a spring in your step.